The Benefits of Our Program

Self Confidence - As the child develops through the program and masters particular skills in gymnastics such as forward rolls or even their listening skills, they feel good about their self accomplishments.

Politeness - They learn respect and manners as well as how to use their words to achieve a particular outcome.

Coordination - The learn how to coordinate their body movements better.

Fitness - We set the right attitude towards fitness – it is never too early to keep your body fit even for a child.

Overcoming Fears - Fear is challenged and erased in a fun environment, and the child learns to take risks in a safe and nurturing environment. An example is a fear of heights especially when they do rock climbing in our program. They derive a sense of accomplishment scaling a wall – the fear is gone and they have fun at the same time.

Social Skills - They have a weekly opportunity to learn and exercise social skills by interacting with the trainer and other children.

Discipline - Introduction to structure and learning to follow the rules.

Performing In Front Of People - Get your child off to an early start not being embarrassed to do things in public. This is a valuable skill they can take into adulthood as they seize opportunities in life not holding back due to shyness.

Physical Strength Development - Over time the child will develop physical strength avoiding injuries in physical activities.

Teamwork - A vital skill in many aspects of sports

Sportsmanship - Playing games with integrity and with dignity.

We believe strongly that we are laying the foundations in developing happier, healthier and more confident young adults. TOGETHER WE GROW!

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