Power Kids Gym - If your child wants to quit… 

You have decided to enrol your child on a sports/music class or a playgroup class and your child decides that they want to quit. What do you do? 

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1. Show empathy and understand the reason behind their aversion for classes

Whether it’s a sports class or any other activity, the first step is to show understanding for your child’s decision. Before you say anything or try to convince your child to stick with it, try to probe in a subtle way. Your child may tell you that a programme or activity is too hard. Perhaps they need time to settle down in the new environment. Or maybe the coach is too strict, and the activity just isn’t any fun. Finding the right answer in a non-pushy way is important. Understanding the specific reason helps to determine your next course of action. 

2. Try to find what you can offer best

Once you know why your child wants to quit, convince your child to give that programme a few weeks before quitting. You can also offer motivational rewards like stickers, a toy, etc. Speak to the coach and explain why your child is not enjoying the class. Discuss with the coach, on the points your child shared. If possible don’t discuss in front of your child). Ask the coach to motivate your child as well and help you find a solution to encourage your child for the classes. Offering alternative programmes or choosing another day could also be a solution. 

3. Explain why you chose this class for him/her

As a grown-up, you know the benefits of the programme you chose for your child more than your little one. Explain it to them in a language they understand without complications. If your child tells you that they want to quit because “it’s too hard” or they’re “not good at it,” then it might help to do some prep talk. Don’t make your child feel bad for wanting to quit. Instead, help them to understand the benefits of continuing.

At Power Kids Gym, we put your child first. Our trial class gives you an idea of our programme. Each activity and benefit is explained to your child before and after each activity and so approach our trainers to understand if the programme is a good fit for your child. 

A happy and confident child is a result of encouragement given by parents and his/her immediate environment, including extended family, friends, neighbours, among many. To make them a lifelong learner, a strong foundation of trying something new is a must and keep them motivated enough to never give up is the key.

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