Awesome Twos

February 22, 2021by admin

Terrible twos. Is this a real thing? It is a real thing. It is a time and children’s development that is important. For parents, it can be very challenging because kids start to do mine, no, temper tantrums. It is a very important way station. It is really the first time that they have the cognitive and social development and place to understand that they are separate from their parents.

How do you go about navigating less? What are the signs? A couple of things to know is that this is the time when you start to appear temper tamper trumps and get kids asserting independence. It is also the time when kids are learning to handle emotions. Sometimes they lose it.

You are really having a emotional regulation, which is how they fixed the situation. Parents are an important part of that. That helps them to learn the skills. This is the early stage of communication, more or less. Not necessarily terrible twos. It really goes, because of cognitive development –anywhere between two, 2.5, 3 — they know a lot. What kids can do — parents can do is give kids choices. Help them to learn to regulate their emotions. Do you want milk or juice? Do you want to go to bed in your red pajamas or blue pajamas. You still go to bed, but you have a choice. Age-appropriate choices structured by parents.

For a parent who is frustrated, is there something you should look for? Perhaps there’s a behavioral issue? If temper tantrums extend beyond 2.5 – 3. They are very normal for kids to have temper tantrums. It is important for parents to take a step back and relax and work through the situation. What is apparent due to maintain sanity? The first thing to do is realize why they’re happening. If you can work before, it becomes a big temper tantrum, that can help. If they lose it, then you have to let them come down and then address the situation accordingly.