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Zubi – Ambassador of Buzz

Hello there! My name is Zubi. You can usually hear me before you see me in the gym. I am known for my infectious laughter and my nickname is “Zombie”

I love kids and I worked at a preschool for 7 years before joining the POWER team. I have recently completed my Level 1A Gymnastics Training qualification with Singapore Gymnastics and am in the process of applying for NROC certifications. During my off days, you can usually find me swinging like a monkey at a rock climbing gym.

Stanley – Head Imagination Officer

Hello! I am Stanley. I joined Power Kids Gym in June 2019 and being the ‘youngest’ in terms of work duration, I am in fact the ‘oldest’ age wise among the trainers!

I took the leap of faith after 14 years in an office environment to do something which I always have a passion in – working alongside kids! The smile on the kid’s face (and parents’ as well) and seeing them improving after every class is my greatest satisfaction and that is also why I love my job so much! I have recently completed my Level 1A Gymnastics Training Qualification with Singapore gymnastics and am in the midst of applying for NROC certifications.

Amar – Maestro of Mayhem

Hola Amigos! My name is Amar. I am easy going, a good listener, a wordplay ninja and a healthy freak.

I have a background in Business Management and I taught taekwondo and soccer for kids back in Malaysia. I can be crazy and I can proudly say that “IMMA MAN UTD FAN!” I love working with children as they bring out the big kid in me!

Philomena Cannon-Brookes – Chief Executive of Mischief

Hey all. My job is to channel the inner jedi of the trainers so that they transform your children into super heroes ready to conquer the world with their agility, strength and silliness. I take my job very seriously to ensure that everyone has loads of fun – staff, children and families who come through our doors. In my previous life, I was a headhunter and then made the transition of creating an indoor gym for my 3 children who were driving me to the edge of despair with their hyperactivity. They are all now adults but still continue to spin my head around. I am a certified personal trainer (though these days, I certainly could do with spending more time in the gym) and have also completed the Level 1A Gymnastics Training Qualification. I also had the privilege of being trained in recreational Gymnastics in the US.

Pei Yi – Digital Dynamo

Hello! I am Pei Yi, better known as Pong. I am a chemistry graduate who is more interested in mixing around kids over chemicals. That is why I have been working with little human beings for the past 4 years! My job at Power Kids Gym is to ensure that you get the latest updates and to capture amazing moments of your children in action at our gym. Give me a wave (and a big bright smile) if you see me with my camera!

Being widely exposed to multi-sports since young and a national representative for hockey (former) and rugby (current), I believe in the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle for children from a young age. Spreading this message through my work gives me a huge sense of fulfillment and achievement.