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The Spirited Spunk


Hello everyone, my name is Stacy, as in Stay-Sea. I may be small but I’m fiesty, and you can always catch me grooving to the tunes!

The Flashy Feet

Izzat (ZAC)

Ola friends! My name is Zac, the super sporty member of the team. I am power-packed with loads of awesome football tricks (and some hidden singing talent too!).

Chief Executive of Mischief

Philomena Cannon-Brookes

Hey all. My job is to channel the inner jedi of the trainers so that they transform your children into super heroes ready to conquer the world!

Digital Dynamo

Pei Yi (Pong)

Hello! I am Pei Yi, better known as Pong. I am a chemistry graduate but I will choose kids over test tubes and conical flasks any day! My work with children started 6 years ago and I have never looked back.

Champion of Carolling


Hey friends! I am Farah, the youngest and spunkiest in the team! I sing randomly at times and enjoy goofing around. Challenge me to a sing-off or sing along with me!

Lobby Master


Hi everyone! I am Aileen, the first friendly face to greet you when you arrive at Power Kids Gym. I am always ready to answer any enquiries so holler if you need my help!